Sprint & Clearwire kiss and make up

According to a report today from the Wall Street Journal, Sprint and Clearwire’s ongoing feud over financial and technological commitments has been settled for now, with Sprint agreeing to four-year deal that includes a $1.6 billion cash infusion in the WiMax wholesaler.

Sprint’s commitment to building out an LTE network appears unchanged, which means that the wireless carrier will have to support two high-speed networks for the foreseeable future.  The details of the agreement will allow Sprint to continue to sell lower-cost smartphones that run on the WiMax network while providing Clearwire with a much-needed capital infusion.

Sprint drops unlimited WiMAX

Sprint continues its inexorable march towards LTE and away from WiMax, announcing late last month that unlimited access to the Clearwire WiMax spectrum will no longer be offered to its mobile customers.

As a result, none of the three plans Sprint plans to offer will include unlimited WiMax, which is somewhat interesting, given their attempt to use unlimited 4G plans as a point of differentiation from VZW, AT&T and T-Mobile.

“Sprint is making these changes to help ensure we can continue to invest in areas that matter to our customers and that differentiate us from our competitors: simple and unlimited pricing plans, including unlimited data on the Sprint network without throttling for smartphones; cutting-edge selection of 4G, Android and other devices and strong customer service,” Sprint spokeswoman Emmy Anderson told FierceWireless.

One can read the above as “We don’t really want to continue to pay Clearwire for access to their WiMax spectrum, so we are going to try and figure a way to make the removal of same a net positive for our users.”

Read the full story here.

Initial Experience With The Digi Connect WAN 4G

4G Network Device Options







I’m back after a hiatus, and am eager to share with my peers information about wireless gateways and routers that are available on the “nominally 4G” networks. I have a lot of information to report on, so this data download will take multiple posts. Digi International was the first to release a wireless gateway  for Sprint’s WiMax network. The unit, the DIGI Connect WAN (DC-WAN-Y301-A) is a wireless gateway (see info here http://usatcorp.com/proddetail.asp?prod=DC-WAN-Y301-A). The first one that my team sold and integrated was for a security company that will be using this device to back-haul surveillance video. This application makes perfect sense, as the Sprint WiMax network has the kind of throughput that makes it a powerhouse for transmitting realtime-video. And hey, the great airtime plans that Sprint is offering for WiMax help, too! We were very optimistic to see this device put into a testing environment by a security company. However, the gilding on the lily was tarnished when we worked to provision this device and low and behold, Sprint did not have a static IP option available for it. This revelation caught our company (and Digi) unaware! We saved the day by hosting a DNS name for the device for the client. However, we all need to do a SHOUT OUT to Sprint about offering a static IP option for this scenario. That reminds me that I have to check back and see if Sprint has any ETA on this. If anything has changed, I will reveal the resolution in a future post.