Initial Experience With The Digi Connect WAN 4G

4G Network Device Options







I’m back after a hiatus, and am eager to share with my peers information about wireless gateways and routers that are available on the “nominally 4G” networks. I have a lot of information to report on, so this data download will take multiple posts. Digi International was the first to release a wireless gateway  for Sprint’s WiMax network. The unit, the DIGI Connect WAN (DC-WAN-Y301-A) is a wireless gateway (see info here The first one that my team sold and integrated was for a security company that will be using this device to back-haul surveillance video. This application makes perfect sense, as the Sprint WiMax network has the kind of throughput that makes it a powerhouse for transmitting realtime-video. And hey, the great airtime plans that Sprint is offering for WiMax help, too! We were very optimistic to see this device put into a testing environment by a security company. However, the gilding on the lily was tarnished when we worked to provision this device and low and behold, Sprint did not have a static IP option available for it. This revelation caught our company (and Digi) unaware! We saved the day by hosting a DNS name for the device for the client. However, we all need to do a SHOUT OUT to Sprint about offering a static IP option for this scenario. That reminds me that I have to check back and see if Sprint has any ETA on this. If anything has changed, I will reveal the resolution in a future post.