How To Get A Quick Restore CD For Your Panasonic Toughbook

Today one of USAT’s sales professionals wanted to share with the field computing world how to get your hands on a Panasonic Toughbook Quick Restore CD. If you are like me, apparently living in the past, you would believe that the appropriate Quick Restore CD–which zaps your system back to the system load it left the factory with–is shipped in the box with your Toughbook. Well, according to our inside sources at Panasonic, this practice stopped over a year ago. Now the quick restore CD’s are available for PURCHASE at $35 a piece. In peeling back this onion, USAT was given a 1-800-number to call to make this purchase. Upon calling this number, we were told it actually had to be ordered from Panasonic’s website. The instructions for doing so are shown below. We hope that this post saves somebody in our reading public some time…

  1. Go to
  2. Go to Support and choose Computers & Tablets
  3. Scroll down and choose DVD Requests
  4. There are 3 DVD’s to choose from there

Panasonic Toughbook Embedded Wireless Plans

For those Panasonic Toughbook users out there who are computing wirelessly, say good-bye to the embedded Qualcomm GOBI 2000 module. Panasonic has announced that they will be building no more new, unallocated units with the GOBI 2000 module–the only remaining open stock of Toughbooks with the embedded GOBI module are now in the channel, limited in quantity and that stock will soon be exhausted. Going forward in the short term, some Toughbooks are available with Verizon Wireless or AT&T 4G LTE modules embedded inside. (Please note there is no short term option for Sprint network embedded radios within Toughbooks.) Embedded 4G LTE will be available for the Toughbook 31, 19, H2, 53 and C1. Taking a longer view, Panasonic plans to adopt the GOBI 3000 radio as an optional radio embedded within the Toughbook line when it becomes available.

Panasonic Toughpad™ Announced

Panasonic has finally announced its much-awaited ruggedized entry into the tablet market, the Android™-powered Toughpad™.  As of now, the Toughpad™ A1 is schedule for release in early 2012, with a second, smaller model – the Toughpad™ B1 – coming out in Fall 2012.

The Toughpad™ A1 primary features are;

  • 10.1″ daylight-readable multi touch + digitizer screen
  • All-weather dust and water-resistant design
  • Embedded hardware security for FIPS 140-2 compliance
  • GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, optional 4G or 3G mobile broadband
  • Wi-Fi hotspot router supports up to 5 devices
  • 3-year warranty with business class support

October Release Planned For Toughbooks With AT&T LTE

A tentative release date of October has been set by Panasonic for select Toughbooks with AT&T LTE 4G wireless modules integrated inside. All 4G Toughbooks will contain MIMO antennas inside the case. There is not a dock option that will allow MIMO functionality to pass thru to an external antenna at this time.