Static IP For AT&T LTE Not Yet An Option

Since the the Sierra Wireless GX440 for AT&T LTE was just released, I’ve been making some inquiries to ensure that our projects involving this device proceed very smoothly. Two bits of info that I would like to share:

  • A special SIM for AT&T LTE will be required to run on the AT&T LTE network the SIM that we used for 2G/3G deployments will not work.
  • At this time AT&T’s LTE Network does not support CCS or I2Gold. What this means is that Static IPs are not yet available on the AT&T LTE network. A resolution is being worked on and I hope to have an update on this to share soon.

AT&T Gives Up On T-Mobile Deal

AT&T logoIn a move that will likely surprise few and please many, AT&T has decided to pass on its $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile.  AT&T cites interference from the White House as its primary reason for scrapping what would have been the largest cellular network deal in recent memory.

AT&T is desperate for spectrum, and would have loved to add T-Mobile’s capacity to its own.  T-Mobile, as the fourth out of four big carriers, is now left to continue its attempts at market differentiation.  Consumers are left with continued greater choice in their cellular carrier and enjoy greater competition, despite AT&T’s claims to the contrary.