No Static IPs Available For LTE Yet

Network security is a priority for many of the critical infrastructure IT mavens that my company deals with. CDMA has a very good record on security, and a recent Verizon whitepaper that I read on LTE security makes the case that LTE is more inherently secure than CDMA. However, I do need to report that VZW is not, at this moment in time, making Static IPs available for their LTE network. I discovered this fact during a sit down meeting with a VZW OEM manager last week to discuss the roadmap for LTE to be embedded in Panasonic Toughbooks. Of course, to put this in perspective, the only LTE devices that are actually released at this time are a couple of USB stick modem options so VZW is just sticking their toe in the LTE waters at this moment. However, if VZW starts certifying devices on their LTE network, (read my recent post about the Sierra Wireless Airlink GX440 LTE offering), and does not have a Static IP option, critical infrastructure clients who require the security of a static IP will not be among the adopters. We hope to see VZW make the static IP for LTE available soon, or else we may find ourselves in the same position we were with the Digi Connect WAN 4G (for Sprint WiMax)–using a DNS server to try and work around the fact that no Static IP exists as of yet.

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