Digi To Release New Smart Modem With GPS Receiver

Yes, the lines are blurring again as to who manufacturers what. Digi will be releasing a new product, in the June timeframe, with an integrated GPS receiver. The new product has an enclosed form factor that is very different from the box-y, industrial, “completely undesigned” design of the ConnectPort WAN-series and is much more reminiscent of the Sierra Wireless MP line. The overall feel is that Digi has discovered that modems need to be designed to a certain spec to be adopted for in-vehicle use. (Note: The ConnectPort WAN is already available with a GPS reciever, but my feeling is that very few people actually bought this device as GPS was an afterthought to this router.)  There will be two distinct models of this product–a low-bandwidth, small storage model and a more robust and more expensive version. Proposed price-points that I have seen seem too good to be true, so I will not mention them here until they have been verified as accurate closer to the release date. But take this away: the pricing looks great.

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