Real Estate tours using CradlePoint, iPads, and a shoulder bag.

There’s a large real estate company close by that conducts their tours of available commercial space using what we think is an interesting and unique method.  I’ll let them describe how they used a Mobile Broadband Router from CradlePoint, a set of 30 iPads from Apple and an over-the-shoulder laptop bag to get the job done.

“We decided to use 30 i-Pads for a presentation using the remote software called Ideaflight. It requires an internet connection to start and then can run on Wi-Fi. This gave us the ability to remotely control the screens of each i-Pad (known as passengers). There was only one problem: the software only allowed 16 total devices per pilot and we quickly experienced issues when two pilots were on the same network.

We were doing a tour; we had to have some sort of Wi-Fi that “roamed” around with us and worked. We found that a CradlePoint Mobile Broadband Router did exactly what we needed for the internet/Wi-Fi connection, and we mobilized it in a bag on battery power. This gave us ample time; in fact, it gave more than 6 hours run time for one CradlePoint.

Since the CradlePoint can only have one SSID, we had to have a secondary to separate the two pilots. This would allow all the i-Pads to operate at the same time. We contacted USAT for some advice and to see if they had another available. At first, no luck, but then we received a callback that they had one that was from a demo. We drove 25 miles and made the purchase the same day. Upon installing the second CradlePoint, our testing worked flawlessly. The devices were carried hundreds of miles north and the tour went off without a problem.

Quick video clip of testing with two pilots

Here’s a shot of the bag the Wi-Fi was carried in before the second hotspot was installed.


Here’s a shot of 2 ‘pilot’ Ipads running 12 ‘passenger’ Ipads each during testing.

Pretty neat, huh?  We think so, too.