July Tech Bulletin

As your trusted M2M communications partner, USAT Corp. prioritizes data security for critical WWAN data transmissions on the public networks. Through technical innovation, USAT places enhanced wireless data security within the reach of all clientele, regardless of project size. See information about the way that USAT is reimagining private network implementation below. In other networking news, VZW extends availability of IPv4 static IPs in a new PSA. Also herewith, see important information regarding changes in price structure for both the Cradlepoint and the Sierra Wireless cloud-based device management systems. Info from USAT is below about the roadmap indicating the end-of-the-line for the IBR6XX-LPE models from Cradlepoint. In addition, Digi international, Red Lion, and Multi-Tech, have officially published end-of-life dates on some of their cellular routers/modems—info that is digested at the end of this email.

  • USAT CORP. NEWS—USAT has released a private network with no line/device minimums, no mandatory contractual terms, and in some cases, no set-up fees—and the potential for a 24-hour implementation time. Unlimited IPv4 static IP addresses are available. Read about Express M2M Prime Network service/airtime here. Reply to this email if you would like additional info about why isolating your M2M data transmissions from the public Internet should be part of your security strategy.
  • VERIZON WIRELESS NEWS—Please note: Verizon Wireless issued a new, revised Public Service Announcement that pushed back the date that IPv4 addresses will no longer be available to mid-2018 from the original date that VZW had set of June 30th, 2017. Read the new VZW PSA here.
  • SIERRA WIRELESS AIRLINK NEWS—ALMS is now free-of-charge for clients with under 16 devices registered for this device health monitoring service. Read the additional details about that program here. Want to take advantage of free ALMS, but don’t know where to begin? Reply to this email and we can help you sign into your free account for sub-quantity 16 device users.
  • Sierra Wireless has extended their trade-in program that offers cash incentives for upgrading older Airlink Devices until September 30th. Read the program overview here.
  • CRADLEPOINT NEWS—IMPORTANT—Enterprise Cloud Manager, ECM, has evolved and beginning on July 17th has been rebranded as NetCloud Manager (NCM). When it comes time for service subscription renewal, the Basic service option will remain the same cost. The Prime service option will have an approximate 30% increase in cost. See an explanation for that change here.
  • CRADLEPOINT USERS OF THE POPULAR IBR6XXLPE PRODUCT LINE please note well: although the official EOL date has not yet been published for this line, the published roadmap points to these best-selling models going EOL in 2017. If you are a user of the IBR600LPE or IBR650LPE Cradlepoint router, then the time to proactively manage the model change is now. Contact USAT for a presentation of your options.
  • DIGI INTERNATIONAL NEWS—EOL Announcement-Accessories & Some Transport WR44 models
  • MULTI-TECH NEWS—Near EOL Announcement-2G & 3G MultiModem iCell Line

Archive-March 2017-Tech Bulletin-IPv4 Announcement-Cradlepoint And Sierra Wireless-EOL LS300 AT&T

As an active adviser to your wireless communications initiatives, USAT Corp. has information to share:

VZW recently announced that it will stop issuing new public static IPv4 IP addresses on June 30th 2017. USAT has analyzed how this will affect our critical infrastructure clients and an initial summary is below:

  • If your organization’s communication devices are currently sending data on a Verizon private network, you will not be affected by this change.
  • Any existing IPv4 public static IPs currently in use will continue to operate as usual after June 30th 2017.
  • Any devices activated on the VZW network after June 30th MAY NOT be assigned an IPv4 public static IP address. USAT has received no guarantees that exceptions will be made.

IN ADDITION, PLEASE ALSO CONSIDER: that if your organization has reserved IPv4 public static IP blocks but do not have the associated IPs assigned to an active device on the VZW network, it may be in your best interest to activate them before June 30th, or VZW will have the right to reclaim those unused IPs from your organization.
Below find two statements from USAT’s key manufacturer partners about IPv6 support for their product lines post-June 30th. In both cases, the news is good:

If you have any concerns about a specific wireless gateway/router or if you are questioning whether your application requires a public static IP, please contact your USAT Corp. sales account manager or respond to this email.
It is important to note that all new devices in the GX450, RV50, and ES450 product lines from Sierra Wireless are shipping from the factory with 4.7 pre-loaded. Once a device has 4.7 on it, the device cannot be downgraded to an earlier firmware.  In preparation for new deployments, USAT recommends that all current users of the GX/ES and RV families upgrade an existing unit in their stock to the latest firmware and validate that all of their configurations work with their solutions. 
More information about the ALEOS 4.7 firmware update can be viewed here: http://usatcorp.com/key-points-sierra-wireless-aleos-4-7-0-firmware-release/


–All GX400s will EOS on April 30th 2017 with the last ship date set for 12/30/2017.
–The AT&T LS300 will also EOS on April 30th 2017 with the last ship date set for 12/30/2017.
–Please note the VZW LS300 is still actively in production and EOS has not yet been announced.
Do not hesitate to contact USAT with specific questions related to your business applications. Remember that we are your partners for all elements of a wireless project—including cabling, antennas and enclosures. Check out the spec sheet for the new log periodic LPDA antenna by Poynting that is making a significant difference in connectivity in fringe locations for clients using 4G only LTE Advanced network devices.

Archive-October 2016-Tech Bulletin–Mirai Advisory And New Wireless Network Products MG90

Our mission is to keep you informed about information key to the success of your organization’s wireless data initiatives. Below you will find an overview of important facts about the Mirai virus. Near the bottom of this email, you will find information about new products that you should be aware of in the wireless data communications space.

Mirai Summary: A new Trojan virus called Mirai is in the news.  Mirai is targeting Linux servers, M2M and IoT devices, including cellular gateways and routers, but mainly cameras and DVRs, running Linux-based firmware, for the purpose of nefariously engaging these systems as part of a large botnet used to stage Denial-of-Service DDoS attacks designed to disrupt access to web properties. (More info: https://safeum.com/blog/2014-mirai-trojan-is-the-next-big-threat-to-iot-devices-and-linux-servers.html) Runaway cellular airtime usage can be a result of infection. In the world of wireless networking, any device that runs on Linux is susceptible. PLEASE NOTE USAT CLIENT BASE: Critical infrastructure clients who are on private networks run a reduced risk of infection.

How Infection Happens: Mirai infects devices via brute-force attacks on the Telnet port, exploiting a “black hat” list of default password credentials, taking advantage of instances where device owners have forgotten to change the built-in default password to a secure password. Critical infrastructure clients who are not on private networks but who have implemented complicated passwords (like what the USAT DevProv+ service facilitates) and instituted other basic security functions like “white lists” and “black lists” are unlikely victims. If you have not or suspect that a user within your organization has not changed the default passwords on the devices attached to your corporate network, then it is important to implement secure passwords now in order to avoid operational ramifications as well as possible financial charges due to data consumption overages.

How To Diffuse Your Risk & Treat Infection: Good news: even if your device is infected, restarting the device and changing the password is an effective treatment. Sierra Wireless, a world leader in the manufacture of cellular gateways was the first to issue a technical bulletin detailing the threat of Mirai to the M2M/IOT ecosystem. Please refer to the steps that they suggest to secure devices here: http://usatcorp.com/action-required-sierra-wireless-technical-bulletin-mirai-trojan/.  The Department of Homeland Security also very recently issued an informative publication on defeating Botnets here https://www.us-cert.gov/ncas/alerts/TA16-288A. In addition to the advice issued on the DHS link, best practices dictate that if you are a user of cellular routers and gateways, make sure that devices in your network are running the latest firmware.
Please feel free to respond to this email with additional questions or concerns about the Mirai virus.

USAT NEW PRODUCTS—Poynting High-Gain Multi-band Antennas Launched
Poynting high gain directional antennas are now a stocked item at USAT Corp. USAT conducted an extensive search for multi-band high gain antennas, both omni and directional (yagi) that can support the different flavors of LTE used domestically and around the world, and this product line tested out the best. See examples here http://usatcorp.com/usat-corp-will-now-offer-poynting-antennas/. If you have interest in superior high gain antennas, respond to this email, and a specialist will contact you.




As you set budgets for wireless data communication and networking initiatives in 2017 and beyond, please consider USAT Corp. as your consultative partner and engage with us early and often. You can get in touch with me to discuss your upcoming projects, or reach out directly to your USAT account manager.

Archive-May 2016-Technical Bulletin-LTE-A And MP70 Details

As your trusted wireless communications partner, USAT Corp. is bringing you the technical news that users of AirLink, Cradlepoint or Digi equipment should know. The trending buzz right now in our space is the release of LTE routers that support the LTE-Advanced network (LTE Cat 6). If very fast download speeds are important to your application, this development should interest you. At this time, the LTE-A radios available do not fall back to 3G or 2G, so coverage analysis is very important pre-deployment.  http://usatcorp.com/scoop-4g-lte-advanced/


  • NEW Device Management Platform–An on-premise, self-hosted, device health management system called OMM is now an option for current AirLink products if the cloud system (ALMS) is just not an option for your organization. Reply to this email with OMM in the headline and USAT Corp. will send you information on this brand new offering.
  • NEW Product Release–Sierra Wireless has released the MP70 in-vehicle router. With 4 Ethernet ports, enhanced Wi-Fi and GPS and an LTE-A radio, this device is geared toward public safety. USAT has product in stock. http://usatcorp.com/new-product-sierra-wireless-airlink-mp70/
  • Raven RV50 Firmware 4.5.2 Released–If you are a user of the RV50 in a solar application and low-power consumption is important to your application, USAT urges you to make sure that you have checked the setting Force Standby Mode when low voltage present” in the Power Mode settings because it was disabled by default. On this subject, a new firmware update was made available specifically for the Raven RV50 that makes this setting the default setting. Read the release notes about this and other enhancements and make plans for a firmware update for your RV50 deployments. http://usatcorp.com/sierra-wireless-aleos-4-5-2-firmware-airlink-rv50-gateways/


  • LTE-A Support For Multiple Products–Cradlepoint has released radios for LTE-A in their AER line of enterprise routers—making high bandwidth applications for business continuity like VoIP perform better than before. Now not only do these the AER edge routers have the option for dual radio redundancy because of their modular design, they also have the option to have one or two of these radios embedded for a very wide pipe. View the specs for the flagship AER3100. http://www.usatcorp.com/pdf/AER3100-Datasheet.pdf

The IBR1100-LP6 in-vehicle router with LPE-A will be shipping very soon.

  • Software Defined Networking Coming Soon–Cradlepoint has acquired Pertino and will soon be integrating native support for Software Defined Networking into their platform. This disruptive technology will allow networks to be built and torn down in the cloud with ease. If you would like more info on software defined networking reply to this email with SDN in the subject line. http://usatcorp.com/sdn-important-enterprise/


  • New Food Temperature Sensors–Is your enterprise looking for an affordable way to monitor food temperatures every 10 minutes in order to maintain food safety standards? Digi may have exactly what you are looking for with their new Honeycomb solution. USAT is looking for early adopters. Reply to this email with food in the subject line your business has a need for this tech.  http://usatcorp.com/digi-international-unveils-digi-honeycomb-solution/


  • NEW USAT Supplies InMotion–USAT is certified by Sierra Wireless to be a solution provider for their InMotion product line featuring the oMG router—a system that is designed for critical infrastructure clients when device connectivity is not a desire but a mandate. http://usatcorp.com/sierra-wireless-inmotion-solution/
  • USAT Expands To Satellite Communications—USAT Corp. has designed and tested a fixed point communications solution where failover from cellular to satellite and back again gives clients a way to add redundancy to their communications. http://usatcorp.com/usat-tests-satellite-data-connection/

Archive-November 2015-Tech Bulletin-Low Power Consumption Raven RV50 Public Launch

As an addendum to our recent Q4 email newsletter, as promised, USAT Corp. is sharing detailed information about the public launch of the new LTE/cellular gateway with the lowest power draw on the market: the new Raven RV50.


**If your connectivity plans involve deploying 4G LTE gateways in low power, solar, or off-the-grid environments, this device is worthy of notice. Delivering LTE broadband capability to all of your critical remote monitoring equipment, the AirLink Raven RV50 consumes under 1 Watt of power–a true technical breakthrough for a 3G/4G network device. Built specifically for industrial applications, the RV50 includes both a serial and Ethernet port.  Also, for added convenience, a single RV50 can become a AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint device. Just stick in the SIM card and the device will delineate to operate on that network automatically. See the Raven RV50 spec sheet here. The Raven RV50 can be managed through Sierra Wireless’s ALMS device health console, adding scalability to administrating large deployments. Sign up for a webinar this Thursday by the actual product manager of the RV50 here. USAT has RV50s in stock and ready to ship. For client’s with qualifying projects,  USAT Corp. can provide a demonstration unit for testing.


**At the time of this writing, the ALEOS firmware upgrade that will allow all models of GX450 and ES450 to be auto-switched to operate on a specific cellular network has not yet been released. However, it is on the cusp of being made available. If you would like to be proactively informed by USAT on the day when this firmware becomes available, please reply to this email with the word “yes.”


For our CradlePoint users there is also information we would like to publish in this newsletter. USAT would like to apprise you of promotional rebates offered by CradlePoint for procurements made in the 4th quarter: 
-Trade in a cellular USB modem with the purchase of a Cradlepoint ARC CBA850 and receive a $75 mail-in-rebate.
-Purchase a Cradlepoint AER3100 series router and receive a $75 mail-in-rebate.
-Buy a Cradlepoint AER3100 with an additional MC400 modem and receive a $125 mail-in-rebate.
-Buy a Cradlepoint COR IBR1100 and receive a $75 Mail-in-Rebate.
-Buy a COR IBR1150 and receive a $50 Mail-in-Rebate.

Archive-November 2015-Tech Bulletin-EOL GX440

As your valued wireless connectivity partner, USAT Corp. is reaching out to remind you of some important dates and to apprise our clientele of some new product offerings. As difficult as it is to believe, 2015 is drawing to a close and Q4 procurements must be executed now. Below find some important dates for Sierra Wireless users and information about some new product launches of note for Cradlepoint users.


  • To ensure delivery during this fiscal year, purchase orders for the following brands of wireless network devices must be placed no later than November 13th.
    • Sierra Wireless AirLink
    • Digi
    • CalAmp


  • It is the last call for Airlink GX440s. Last purchase date will be Dec. 31, 2015. Last shipment date (for blanket/phased purchase orders) will be June 2016. Find the original GX440 EOL notice from July 2015 published here.


  • Later this month Sierra Wireless AirLink will publicly launch a new wireless gateway that has been engineered for low power draw applications. More info will be shared by USAT after the public launch in November. If you have an application that requires very low power draw, please reply to this email, as USAT is currently actively filling demonstration unit orders for the new device for our clientele.


  • Cradlepoint is targeting retail and SMB with the launch of the AER1600 edge router. The AER1600, available both with and without WiFi, is envisioned for micro-branches and temporary deployments (like store grand openings) and joins the AER2100 and AER3100 to complete a trio of routers with advanced security offerings. What do you do when Comcast or Time Warner Cable Business Class misses their own installation date for the third time? Deploy the AER1600.
  • CradlePoint has doubled down on their mobility product, the IBR1100 mobile access point, by creating a rugged “back-pack”-style second modem that expands the platform’s capabilities with additional bandwidth or failover capability across multiple carriers. More information about the dual-modem dock for the COR IBR1100-series routers can be viewed here.

Do not hesitate to reach out directly to your USAT Corp. account manager or reply to this email if you have specific questions regarding these industry news items. We look forward to closing down the 4th quarter with your wireless needs counted and covered.

Archive-August 2015-Wireless Tech Bulletin–Firmware Update Notice

As your trusted partner for wireless data communication technology, USAT Corp. has important information related to cellular modems/gateways/routers to share.
A news summary is directly below. More detailed news digests follow the summary. Bookmark www.usatcorp.com/news to follow cellular modem news & notices as they happen.








As increasing device layer security is our imperative, USAT Corp. is strongly suggesting that all clientele using GX, ES, or LS gateways that are running firmware ALEOS firmware 4.3.4 or earlier to update their devices to the latest firmware 4.4.2–for the reasons summarized below. If your devices are running 4.3.5 (released on Feb. 7, 2014) or later this move is less critical, although still recommended as a maintenance priority. Read the full text of the Sierra Wireless Technical Bulletin here. This Bulletin gives instructions on how to update devices to the current firmware from older firmware. If you are running behind on firmware updates, gain access to AirLink Management System for free for 30 days and take advantage of that time period to update your AirLink devices to the latest firmware ALEOS 4.4.2.


There is a known issue that Sierra Wireless GX, ES, and LS gateways running ALEOS contain hard-coded accounts with root privileges. These accounts are enabled by default for debug purposes and accessible remotely by telnet or SSH in systems using ALEOS 4.3.4 or earlier via standard password. ­
From ALEOS 4.3.5 onward, these accounts can only be accessed locally, via SSH, by a user with physical access to the gateway or the attached local network. An unauthorized user with knowledge of the passwords for these accounts may be able to take control of the gateway or gain access to the attached local network.


  • New modem firmware ( has been posted by CradlePoint for all LPE and LP3 modems. CradlePoint highly recommends that all users update firmware on affected devices to ensure continued long-term operation. Log into the CradlePoint Connect at https://cradlepoint.com/firmware to access the new firmware update. Read the entire notice here.



  • Administrators looking to manage connectivity in remote branch offices have a new 4G router to consider. The Cradlepoint AER3100 is an all-in-one networking solution that combines routing, multi-WAN support (wired + 4G wireless), dual modems, advanced security (UTM), private network support, and high performance WiFi in a platform that can be deployed, managed, and optimized via the cloud.


  • In September 2015, CradlePoint will change the protocol used for firmware updates via ECM from HTTP to HTTPS. The change in this protocol may require a change in port configuration on device firewalls. To learn if your devices are affected, please click here.


  • For NEW Digi clients, Digi is extending a special introductory price for the Digi Transport WR11 that is designed for use in  POS/Kiosk/Retail applications. For a Transport product, with advanced functionality and with a 5 year standard warranty, a sub-$340 price is very attractive. Both 3G and 4G devices are available at this price point. Please respond to this email with any inquiries about elibility for this program and this WR11 discount.


  • The carrier US Cellular has certified the Sierra Wireless GX450 & ES450 on the US Cellular Network.
  • The carrier Verizon Wireless has certified the CalAmp 5530 4G LTE router for the VZW Network.


4G Cellular Modems For US Cellular–Sierra Wireless AirLink GX450 & ES450

For many years, users of the US Cellular network lacked options when it came to selecting a cellular 3G/4G modem, gateway or router for wireless data acquisition and remote monitoring applications. For organizations that were using the US Cellular network, the lack of “certified” devices was a potential barrier to launching M2M or mobility projects using a public network backbone. Well, the wait is over. For those clients who have been looking for a reliable US Cellular cell modem option for in-vehicle usage or for SCADA, distribution automation or other types of industrial automation, the wait is over. US Cellular has certified the Sierra Wireless AirLink GX450 and the ES450 for use on the US Cellular network as of July 15th, 2015 and the devices are available and shipping now. See them both below.

Tech Note: Required configuration is North America Generic and ALEOS 4.4.1 or later is required.

Critical Firmware Update For CradlePoint Routers XXXLE-VZ

Part of managing a 4G cellular wireless modem or router deployment is keeping up with firmware releases and understanding what each firmware release means to the stability/functionality of your 4G cellular platform. Recently it came to light that for the following CradlePoint routers, with GPS enabled, using the VZW LTE chipset, memory corruption could occur that would compromise performance of the routers. Read the important bulletin about this issue here.

What this bulletin does not say is why it is critical to make that update. The answer is that if the update is not performed, the CradlePoint Router can be bricked. The modem flash can become corrupt after a period of months if the GPS functionality is enabled. This can eventually cause the modem firmware to be overwritten on the device. When this happens, if the device is rebooted or power cycled, the modem will not come back up afterward. And since there is typically only a year warranty on CradlePoint devices, you really don’t want this to happen. CradlePoint urges that any organization using the following devices performs the radio firmware update:

List of LE-VZ products that could be affected:

  • Cradlepoint AER2100LE-VZF (MC300LE-VZ)
  • Cradlepoint ARC MBR1400LE-VZ
  • Cradlepoint ARC CBA750B-LE-VZ (MC200LE-VZ)
  • Cradlepoint COR IBR600LE-VZ,Cradlepoint IBR650LE-VZ
  • Cradlepoint COR IBR600LE-VZ-PWD (GPS is enabled as default setting)

CradlePoint has made access to firmware free and available again without a subscription. You can sign up to access the free firmware upgrade by visiting https://cradlepoint.com/firmware.

Slimline MIMO LTE Antenna Will Fit On Utility Cabinets


I had a front row seat on the development of a very unique MIMO 2G/3G/4G/LTE/XLTE antenna for fixed-point cellular connectivity. What has been created, and is currently in pre-production  is a slim line MIMO antenna assembly that has been designed to easily fit on the top of a NEMA utility cabinet, or other type of enclosure, requiring that only one hole be drilled, not two. As I have blogged about previously, in order to optimize the speeds of an LTE antenna, there needs to be two antenna fixtures attached to the LTE router/gateway/modem. That is because LTE is a true “multiple-in-multiple out” technology and requires two fixtures to be in use simultaneously for an optimized performance. In the past, with 3G cellular network devices, I really did not advocate for the diversity antenna for every installation. In the 3G world, the addition of the diversity antenna meant a very incremental change in connectivity that was not always noticeable in real-world performance for the router or gateway. However, having seen extensive bench tests showing the differences in speeds and feeds for LTE routers using one antenna versus two antennas, the clear answer is that two antennas make very noticeable difference in performance. Below see  pictures of the new antenna and how it has been carefully designed to take up very little real estate when mounted. The narrow, oblong shape of this LTE antenna allows for this antenna to mount to the top of most standard NEMA enclosures or environmental cabinets used by utility companies and other energy companies. This single device can replace the current status quo, which is mounting two “stubby” or “salt and pepper shaker” form factor antennas. This is an early look at this device, which will be made available by Mobile Mark. Once the costing has been formalized and a part number has been assigned, the antenna will be made available. For now an engineering sample can be ordered using the part number EDN324. If interested, make an inquiry here referencing that part.

EDN 324 CaptureEDN 324 #2