MIMO Antenna Systems For Verizon Wireless/AT&T LTE Networks

Multiple-Input-Multiple-Output  (MIMO) antennas solutions require two antenna fixtures and are designed for use for LTE networks built out by the public network carriers (in the USA–AT&T, Verizon). By utilizing multiple antennas, data throughput and range are increased compared to a single antenna using the same radio transmit power. Additionally MIMO antennas improve link reliability and experience less fading than a single antenna system. By transmitting multiple data streams at the same time, wireless capacity is increased.

MIMO technology uses Multipath (when wireless signals “bounce” off of objects and arrive at the receiver at different times) to improve wireless performance. MIMO technology takes a single data stream and breaks it down into several separate data streams and sends it out over multiple antennas. This provides redundancy. The receiving MIMO antenna will “look” at each stream being sent to determine the strongest one to choose.

Our company has performed bench tests where using a MIMO antenna system for LTE has increased performance by 40% over using one antenna fixture. Currently our chosen path is to use two separate antennas (that utilize the same cellular fixture) for our MIMO solutions. Examples of antennas that can be used in pairs for MIMO are below. In the near future we look forward to bench-testing MIMO antenna systems that contain both MIMO antenna fixtures in a single housing or radome.









Transmitting GPS Data Using Sierra Wireless's GX400/GX440 With WIFI

Recently, a client had a question about whether GPS data could be transmitted to a laptop wirelessly using the wireless LAN access point built into the the GX400 or GX440. The answer is “yes, you do not need to use the an Ethernet cable to pass this data.” More info on how to set this up can be seen at USAT’s Common Questions page. 

Please remember that NOT ALL of the Sierra Wireless AirLink GX400 and GX440 line contain WiFi access point functionality. This feature is limited to the following Sierra Wireless GX400/GX440 part numbers:

  • 1101524
  •  1101525
  • 1101522
  • 1101523
  • 1101529
  • 1101528
  • 1101530
  • 1101531
  • 1101690
  • 1101691

The MP597W and the MP890 can be set up in much the same way.


CradlePoint's COR Line of Cellular M2M Routers

CradlePoint LogoThe CradlePoint line of COR Routers – the IBR600 and IBR650 series – was released in late September and has filled a gap in the remote M2M connectivity space, adding wired/wireless 3G failover in the case of wireless signal loss, along with integrated GPS and secure VPN functionality.

The full press release from CradlePoint, along with its features and benefits can be found on the CradlePoint Web site.


The COR line also is the first line of products from CradlePoint that is only available through a dedicated channel, and as such much be purchased from one of their partners;

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