CradlePoint Improves GPS Functionality On Some COR IBR600 4G/3G WWAN Routers

For those who were disappointed with the limited GPS functionality in the first release of the CradlePoint COR IBR600, know that CradlePoint has released a new version that should address the GPS functionality limitations inherent in their first design. CradlePoint has released a redesigned version, the COR IBR600LE-PWD for Verizon Wireless (VZW) and the CORIBR600LP-PWD for AT&T, that has active, powered GPS. What this means is that for these two models a separate GPS co-ax connector is present so that a fully-powered external GPS antenna can be used. This feature set upgrade is crucial for any application that needs real-time long/lat data.

Issues For M2M Devices Using The Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC7750

After getting sporadic reports of issues from our clients using Verizon Wireless 4G LTE devices, we have worked with our manufacturer partners and VZW to connect the dots. Here are the facts. There is an issue with the Qualcomm chipset used on the Sierra Wireless AirPrime MC7750 LTE radio module. The chipset issue does not manifest in all geographical regions, but when it does the following problem can be experienced:

4G WWAN devices have trouble staying connected to the Verizon Wireless network. Apparently, if the device drops out of 4G coverage into 3G coverage, it then has a problem reconnecting. We have seen clients experience this scenario using devices as diverse as a Panasonic Toughbook H2 with embedded VZW LTE, the Sierra Wireless AirLink GX440 1101414, 1101413, 1101531, 1101530 and the CradlePoint IBR600-LE.

Currently, we have been informed by contacts Panasonic and Sierra  Wireless that a firmware fix will be available for this issue at the end of November. VZW confirms that these devices are in their labs and that a November date is accurate for VZW to finish necessary testing.

After the new firmware is available, detailed instructions will be posted here to explain how the fix can be applied. It is strange that initial carrier certification testing did not expose this potential issue…


Transmitting GPS Data Using Sierra Wireless's GX400/GX440 With WIFI

Recently, a client had a question about whether GPS data could be transmitted to a laptop wirelessly using the wireless LAN access point built into the the GX400 or GX440. The answer is “yes, you do not need to use the an Ethernet cable to pass this data.” More info on how to set this up can be seen at USAT’s Common Questions page. 

Please remember that NOT ALL of the Sierra Wireless AirLink GX400 and GX440 line contain WiFi access point functionality. This feature is limited to the following Sierra Wireless GX400/GX440 part numbers:

  • 1101524
  •  1101525
  • 1101522
  • 1101523
  • 1101529
  • 1101528
  • 1101530
  • 1101531
  • 1101690
  • 1101691

The MP597W and the MP890 can be set up in much the same way.


How To Get A Quick Restore CD For Your Panasonic Toughbook

Today one of USAT’s sales professionals wanted to share with the field computing world how to get your hands on a Panasonic Toughbook Quick Restore CD. If you are like me, apparently living in the past, you would believe that the appropriate Quick Restore CD–which zaps your system back to the system load it left the factory with–is shipped in the box with your Toughbook. Well, according to our inside sources at Panasonic, this practice stopped over a year ago. Now the quick restore CD’s are available for PURCHASE at $35 a piece. In peeling back this onion, USAT was given a 1-800-number to call to make this purchase. Upon calling this number, we were told it actually had to be ordered from Panasonic’s website. The instructions for doing so are shown below. We hope that this post saves somebody in our reading public some time…

  1. Go to
  2. Go to Support and choose Computers & Tablets
  3. Scroll down and choose DVD Requests
  4. There are 3 DVD’s to choose from there

Static IP For AT&T LTE Not Yet An Option

Since the the Sierra Wireless GX440 for AT&T LTE was just released, I’ve been making some inquiries to ensure that our projects involving this device proceed very smoothly. Two bits of info that I would like to share:

  • A special SIM for AT&T LTE will be required to run on the AT&T LTE network the SIM that we used for 2G/3G deployments will not work.
  • At this time AT&T’s LTE Network does not support CCS or I2Gold. What this means is that Static IPs are not yet available on the AT&T LTE network. A resolution is being worked on and I hope to have an update on this to share soon.

Sierra Wireless AirLink Releases GX440 4G LTE AT&T Gateway

Sierra Wireless released the GX440 4G LTE device for the AT&T network today, doubling the GX-line’s options for operating on LTE. The part numbers and manufacturer suggested pricing follows. See more details here.


GX440   LTE/HSPA+ AT&T (incl. AC power cable and 5 year warranty)



GX440   LTE/HSPA+ AT&T (incl. DC power cable and 5 year warranty)


GX 440 WiFi


GX440   WiFi LTE/HSPA+ AT&T  (incl. AC power cable and 5 year warranty)



GX440   WiFi LTE/HSPA+ AT&T  (incl. DC power cable and 5 year warranty)


Panasonic Toughbook Embedded Wireless Plans

For those Panasonic Toughbook users out there who are computing wirelessly, say good-bye to the embedded Qualcomm GOBI 2000 module. Panasonic has announced that they will be building no more new, unallocated units with the GOBI 2000 module–the only remaining open stock of Toughbooks with the embedded GOBI module are now in the channel, limited in quantity and that stock will soon be exhausted. Going forward in the short term, some Toughbooks are available with Verizon Wireless or AT&T 4G LTE modules embedded inside. (Please note there is no short term option for Sprint network embedded radios within Toughbooks.) Embedded 4G LTE will be available for the Toughbook 31, 19, H2, 53 and C1. Taking a longer view, Panasonic plans to adopt the GOBI 3000 radio as an optional radio embedded within the Toughbook line when it becomes available.

VZW Promises Quick Usage Of AWS

As spectrum watchers, we are of course riveted by the take-no-prisoners approach that Verizon  is employing in its pursuit of AWS spectrum.  As Verizon makes the case for the FCC to approve its acquisition of AWS Spectrum from SpectrumCo, Verizon has dangled that it will be willing to sell the A & B blocks of the 700 band that it bought at auction in 2008 that it is currently using to roll out its LTE network. And like a game of Axis-And-Allies, Verizon has now developed an alliance with AT&T’s star-crossed object of acquisitional desire, T-Mobile. Today, Verizon and T-Mobile made the announcement that have reached an agreement whereby T-Mobile will both buy and swap AWS spectrum with Verizon in order to provide both companies with better continuity of spectrum.

Sierra Wireless AirLink MP & PinPoint Lines Are Officially End-Of-Life

Since the release of the GX series, we knew a big EOL announcement would be coming, and now it is officially here. The Sierra Wireless AirLink PinPoint X / XT and the MP lines, and all products that fall under these lines are officially end-of-life. The last procurement date will be August 1st, 2012. The first cellular wireless device that USAT sold was a CDPD MP with a booster, so this EOL is bitter-sweet. The GX is in many ways a better product than the MP, so we look forward to helping to transition the many, many faithful users of the MP over to the GX. The GX line represents a cost savings for the former MP user, so this is a silver lining. A complete list of the MP EOL products is copied below:



EOL Product




Replacement Products

AirLink MP AT&T MP890-CD GX400
AirLink MP AT&T   WiFi MP890W-CD GX400 with WiFi Xcard
AirLink MP Bell MP890-BD GX400
AirLink MP Bell WiFi MP890W-BD GX400 with WiFi Xcard
AirLink MP Telus MP890-TD-D NA
AirLink MP Telus WiFi MP890W-TD-D NA
AirLink MP RoW MP890-WD GX400
AirLink MP RoW   WiFi MP890W-WD GX400 with WiFi Xcard
AirLink MP RoW MP895-WD GX400
AirLink MP RoW   WiFi MP895W-WD GX400 with WiFi Xcard

AirLink MP Sprint





AirLink MP Sprint WiFi MP597W-SD GX400 with WiFi Xcard
AirLink MP Verizon MP597-VD GX400
AirLink MP Verizon WiFi MP597W-VD GX400 with WiFi Xcard


By Monitoring Wind Speed Wirelessly A Highway Is Now Safer


A member of the USAT team recently traveled to Las Vegas to view a stunning example of how M2M communications can make our nation’s highways safer. USAT was the connectivity partner for Las Vegas Electric, and supported this company’s efforts to design a solution that monitered the wind levels on the highway spanning a Nevada dam. If wind levels, which are monitored real-time using a cellular modem, exceed what is pre-determined to be a safe level, the authorities can act to close the highway. USAT supplied the connectivity device and a turn-key solar power and battery assembly that provided power for the modem (V4228) and the wind speed sensor. The masts used to mount the wind sensors and the photovoltaic panels are mounted right on the side of the dam. As you can tell from the photograph included here, the Las Vegas Electric team was extremely brave to undertake this installation project.