Why Field Wireless?

"Where Wireless Works"

“Where Wireless Works”



This blog exists to provide key industry information to my peers doing their good work on the critical infrastructure on behalf of  utility companies, law enforcement agencies, governments and other organizations around the world.  We are called by many different titles, but we are, in actuality,  WWAN warriors.  In essence, we are tasked with getting key information out to the field, and bringing in data collected from the field. We may be connecting to mobile workers, or RTUs, or remote surveillance cameras. We must overlay IT, telecommunications, fleet, and security deparments to get the job done. Mobile computers with embedded wireless, smart modems, or 4G routers may be our tools of choice. Our applications vary:, AVL, CAD, POS, or SCADA.  But at the end of the day, we are working toward the well-executed  project–where wireless works.

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