Archive-May 2016-Technical Bulletin-LTE-A And MP70 Details

As your trusted wireless communications partner, USAT Corp. is bringing you the technical news that users of AirLink, Cradlepoint or Digi equipment should know. The trending buzz right now in our space is the release of LTE routers that support the LTE-Advanced network (LTE Cat 6). If very fast download speeds are important to your application, this development should interest you. At this time, the LTE-A radios available do not fall back to 3G or 2G, so coverage analysis is very important pre-deployment.


  • NEW Device Management Platform–An on-premise, self-hosted, device health management system called OMM is now an option for current AirLink products if the cloud system (ALMS) is just not an option for your organization. Reply to this email with OMM in the headline and USAT Corp. will send you information on this brand new offering.
  • NEW Product Release–Sierra Wireless has released the MP70 in-vehicle router. With 4 Ethernet ports, enhanced Wi-Fi and GPS and an LTE-A radio, this device is geared toward public safety. USAT has product in stock.
  • Raven RV50 Firmware 4.5.2 Released–If you are a user of the RV50 in a solar application and low-power consumption is important to your application, USAT urges you to make sure that you have checked the setting Force Standby Mode when low voltage present” in the Power Mode settings because it was disabled by default. On this subject, a new firmware update was made available specifically for the Raven RV50 that makes this setting the default setting. Read the release notes about this and other enhancements and make plans for a firmware update for your RV50 deployments.


  • LTE-A Support For Multiple Products–Cradlepoint has released radios for LTE-A in their AER line of enterprise routers—making high bandwidth applications for business continuity like VoIP perform better than before. Now not only do these the AER edge routers have the option for dual radio redundancy because of their modular design, they also have the option to have one or two of these radios embedded for a very wide pipe. View the specs for the flagship AER3100.

The IBR1100-LP6 in-vehicle router with LPE-A will be shipping very soon.

  • Software Defined Networking Coming Soon–Cradlepoint has acquired Pertino and will soon be integrating native support for Software Defined Networking into their platform. This disruptive technology will allow networks to be built and torn down in the cloud with ease. If you would like more info on software defined networking reply to this email with SDN in the subject line.


  • New Food Temperature Sensors–Is your enterprise looking for an affordable way to monitor food temperatures every 10 minutes in order to maintain food safety standards? Digi may have exactly what you are looking for with their new Honeycomb solution. USAT is looking for early adopters. Reply to this email with food in the subject line your business has a need for this tech.


  • NEW USAT Supplies InMotion–USAT is certified by Sierra Wireless to be a solution provider for their InMotion product line featuring the oMG router—a system that is designed for critical infrastructure clients when device connectivity is not a desire but a mandate.
  • USAT Expands To Satellite Communications—USAT Corp. has designed and tested a fixed point communications solution where failover from cellular to satellite and back again gives clients a way to add redundancy to their communications.

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