Clean Tech Innovation–Part One–The Role Of Cellular Data Networks

As a member of my geographical region’s clean tech business interest group, I am often asked about the role of wireless data communications in clean tech initiatives. Many times I find myself defending the inclusion of wireless data communications technology in the clean tech playbook. I firmly believe that wireless data is a catalyst to clean tech. On an elementary level, wireless data vastly reduces truck rolls, which in turn, reduces pollution emissions and the number of vehicles on the road. In the not-to-distant past, before field-based assets were truly connected, the only way to to acquire data was moving a field technician to the scene. Now it is possible not only to obtain data, but to exert control on a field-based asset remotely. Thus, the negatives associated with vehicular transportation are mitigated.

In addition, because clean tech is heavily data-driven, the real-time data acquisition enabled by wireless data networks allows many other clean tech solutions to be viable. In order to propagate this message, I am going to be blogging about how a cellular modem can be integrated with an EV vehicle charger in a uniquely clean tech application.

I look forward to sharing more updates about this project as it progresses.

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